As we all continue to feel the impact of COVID-19 across our communities, more than ever each member of the Zoetis Canada team is dedicated to the health and safety of your family, your community and your animals. Please be assured that we are working around the clock to support your needs in these uncertain and unprecedented circumstances. We will be sharing information and insight as it becomes available on this new platform to keep you informed of the rapidly-evolving situation and how it impacts Canadian producers and veterinarians. We take this responsibility seriously and invite you to count on our support. Don’t hesitate to contact your Zoetis territory manager or call us at 1-844-496-3847 if you have questions, require information or need assistance.

What is ZoePro?

ZoePro is a dynamic, central hub for Canadian producers and veterinarians which provides each member with information, education and connections they need to thrive in a rapidly evolving world. We’re taking our commitment to Canadian producers and veterinarians to the next level, with a “customer-first” focused approach that responds to our members real, evolving needs.


OrbeSeal, backed by more than 50 peer-reviewed studies, is the original teat sealant, with over 15 years of proven experience right here in Canada. Get the latest news, resources and promotional information.

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BRD Solutions

With BRD Solutions, Zoetis partners with you to create innovative BRD management programs to drive your bottom line—from disease prevention to control and treatment of sick cattle, when needed.

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One Shot® BVD

Protecting calves from disease involves more than just giving them shots. Immunizing your cattle is a broader approach to calf health designed to give you—in partnership with your veterinarian—better control.

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